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Album Dream the only one in the world in water-resistant "cloth-paper".Capture the type of event  with unique and unrepeatable shots, through the software, exclusively dedicated to layout quickly, quickly and professionally transforms individual photos into a PDF file ready to be printed in format horizontal 32x45 cm with typographic process. The best of photography, the best for your weddings, the best for your events... albumdream.

Album Dream it will subsequently reach the hands of a master craftsman, who will sew and bind it in an artisanal way. The leather cover with names or logos previously chosen by the customer will be sent to the laboratory to be engraved and personalized with a laser relief technique.

Album Dream will be certified with hologram  numbered  to establish its authenticity and guarantee.

Album Dream it will be accompanied by a kit of products (cream-cloth-sponge) which allows the artifact to be returned and kept unchanged over time.

Album Dream kept in a precious wooden box made by master cabinet-makers, it is ready to be shipped all over the world in a cloth bag. The realization of the work requires 2 months of work from the sending of the PDF files.

Album Dream The Made in Italy artisans can  fulfill your every aesthetic choice of the work in the album.

Album Dream it is an ideal cloth-paper album for your weddings, to preserve the most important events of your life, ideal for photography of events such as (weddings, anniversaries, events and portraits...)

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